have a blogger in your nose

i would just like to say that Steph is the coolest booger i have ever met...and i hope you read this satan. i love you. there. that's my blog (i don't quite know how this works, hmmnnn..should i put like a personal ad for myself or an obituary or something?)

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Saturday, March 09, 2002
ok, well since i "transferred" sort of from tech to oglethorpe, I haven't much intercourse with my computer. Thankfully, I haven't had to. But now I missed the tech shit just a little, and well, I enjoy writing so I thought this would be cool. I don't have much to say today. I lost my voice at mary's house last night, and I think I might be getting sick...just so you know, alcohol doesn't do much for the old immune system. Take it from me. If you are sick already, don't get wasted. But I think maybe just this once it was worth it. So i went to a silly frat party tonight, and didn't stay long because-though I'm starting to get to know more people here, I don't know that many, and well, I think I have some social anxiety when it comes to large groups of people I'm not too familiar with. As far as the other facets of my life, I just got a 98 on a paper for school...yes I'm basking in the glow of the best grade I'll have for a while. Hope you don't mind. Oh yeah, and I have so much fucking reading to do it's preposterous. Cool reading, yes(Nietzche and Lolita) but reading, nonetheless. As far as love goes, I can't divulge the entirety of that situation as of right now. We'll just say that there's a boy, but there's someone else too, and things are a little complicated, soooo...I'll get back to you. I really miss all of my friends from tech all the time (just so they know in case they read this). That includes Jer. and Ty, euny(my hot asian bitch), pater, satan, mary ellen(my sex-kitten), zac, stofskerson, ryan, and all of you other techies...ok, well, i think that is all the incoherent rambling i need to do at the moment. This was quite purging. I suppose I'll throw away my journal and just type away my worries next time i need to vent. Cool.